“Music is the language of the spirit it opens the secret of life bringing peace…” – K.Gibran

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“Music is the language of the spirit it opens the secret of life bringing peace…” – Kahlil Gabran

– Tuition –

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to play a harp? Hayley warmly welcomes you to come and enjoy a personal harp experience on her own 39 string Andrew Thoms Lever Harp.
In this session Hayley supports and guides you to explore playing the harp for yourself.

For those who are inspired to continue on their harp journey, Hayley offers ongoing tutition. There is the option of renting a small harp for a trial period of tuition and then guidance on purchasing a harp that suits your own purposes and lifestyle.

Hayley’s approach to teaching the harp is one of a soul experience. She works with your hearts calling as to why you want to play and supports you in a joyful yet practical learning process.

Hayley offers a superb introductory session where you can go and play her harp and experience her playing, which I found immensely helpful in making my decision regarding learning the harp.
When does one get to experience actually holding and playing a harp, it is not an instrument that is easy to come by.
I have found Hayley to be an excellent teacher, she is wonderfully patient, very knowledgeable in her craft, and extremely encouraging.
She has helped me in many ways since beginning my harp journey, any concern that I have regarding my instrument and learning she has always found the time to be extremely helpful, she is a genuinely caring person.
I am now well on my way in my journey, currently having my first harp hand crafted (after an initial rental) all thanks to Hayley and her experise advise.
I highly recommend her for students of all ages.
Gail Otti (Mature aged Student)

Hayley ☺️☺️🙏😍
So wonderful meeting you! You’re amazing! Thank you so much for having me and teaching me to play 😍🙏 I am on the hunt already!!
Will update you how I go!
Thank you again for your wonderful energy and being so welcoming and kind.