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– Therapies –

Nada Bramande Tatte Pinde – all vibrations live within us, as us

Hayley’s personal path has seen her in both immense pain and immense love. This has gifted her the opportunity to explore how music and meditation can bring wonderful support and powerful medicine to our innate healing process. Hayley is honoured to offer space for others to experience this for themselves.

With great compassion and sensitivity, Hayley encourages you to listen into your body’s own wisdom. Using Samvahan vibrations, the resonance of the harp, bowls, voice and tuning forks, she supports you in letting go of that which stands in the way of your own healing. 

– Samvahan Vibrational Massage –

Samvahan means ‘the vehicle of balance or the way of delivering balance’ and views the body and our environment as vibration, interacting with vibration. During a Samvahan session we use our hands and music on the body to sense and invite the natural movement of vibration. 

A state of release, balance and healing in the emotional, mental and physical body allows the opportunity to bring change and balance into our life. 

Samvahan treatments can be beneficial for many health conditions. During a session Hayley will assist you in cultivating awareness of your own grounding and healing forces, whilst releasing pain and welcoming freedom into your body. 

Samvahan is a profoundly grounding, harmonizing and soothing experience; awakening the body’s natural healing rhythms.

‘The universe is nothing but rhythm, the body is nothing but rhythm. The job of a healer is to bring your rhythms into harmony with the natural rhythms of the universe’ -Dr. Ram K. Bhosle

The Samvahan Lineage (Michael Trembath -left) 

Hayley began her Samvahan training in 2005 with Michael Trembath, a master healer, teacher and steward of Samvahan Vibrational massage in the west and has been a certified practitioner of Samvahan since 2009.

In Michael’s lifetime, he apprenticed great masters of healing and medicine including, the HH Dalai Lama’s ayurvedic physician, a Zen master and most notably Dr. Ram K Bosle (1918 – 2005) of India who was Mahatma Gandhi’s and PM Nehru’s personal physician. 

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What others have to say about Samvahan:

Hello Hayley, the sweetness which resides in me after our session together is such a delight & perhaps a more defined picture of what grace feels like in its true essence. The space you hold & share is unique & so deeply nourishing on all levels of the being. You have a wonderful gift to share with the world as what you offer is the nourishment we all need right now to feel whole, connected & in our heart space. Endless gratitude & I look forward to coming again for deeper connection & release & spaciousness. Thank You. All my blessings.

L of Doonan

Hayley creates the most beautiful calm healing space-her gift of combining Samvahan and playing the harp is truly magical….it has been many days since our session and if I stop and just be and think of the harp I can still feel the melody through my body! So powerful!And I’m happy to share that for over a year I have struggled with lower back/hip issues and in our session I could feel my right hip release as Hayley just sat with this hip for some time. Since then I haven’t been woken in the night with pain or woken in the morning with hip pain for the first time in over a year- so very grateful for this healing.

A of Cooran

Hayley dear, heartfelt thank you 💗 for this amazing healing! I cannot even compare this to any other healing I have had before. I had a lot of sensation on so many levels….my leg and  my skull were vibrating and releasing all that had to leave my body. Felt a very intense sensation coming from the harp as well as the Tibetan bowl…

Emese, Noosa

– Meditation –

Hayley offers small group or private meditations from her practice. These sessions bring the priciples of grounding, presence and focus to move vibrations through your body. They help to create greater clarity, stability and balance in your being and a true sense of nourishment in your life.

These meditations are accompanied by deeply relaxing sounds of the harp. Hayley offers group Harp relaxation sessions at private retreats and will gladly collaborate with you to tailor the session to meet your guests experience.
Harp meditation and relaxation session at Yoga by the Bay’s autumn retreat in Sunshine Coast hinterland, a weekend of letting go and reconnection, hosted by Kirsten & Chloe.