“Music is the language of the spirit it opens the secret of life bringing peace…” – K.Gibran

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“Music is the language of the spirit it opens the secret of life bringing peace…” – Kahlil Gabran

– Testimonials –

I was delighted to discover Hayley here on the Sunshine Coast and to be able to expose our Kindy children to the rare and beautiful sounds of the harp. Hayley has a graceful and respectful manner which the children quickly responded to. She invited them to relax their bodies, listen and imagine some of the wonders of nature such as butterflies and dolphins; and to use their imaginations to explore the worlds of mermaids and fairies. Hayley allowed each child to create a glorious “rainbow” of sound on her beautiful harp and followed up with sharing her little lyres with them to explore their gentle sounds. The children loved re-connecting with Hayley and her harp in future days as we played her beautiful CD’s at relaxation time. We look forward to many future visits!

Carmel Desjardins (Director, Peregian Beach Community Kindergarten)


Yesterday was so so soooo beautiful. Everyone loved your session so much during our weekend retreat of reconnecting and letting go. Thank you Hayley, it was a really special morning for us, the ladies haven’t stopped talking about it. Our hearts are full.

Chloe, Yoga by the Bay




Dear Hayley,

You made our wedding truly magical…from the moment we met you to sharing in your blissful sounds you have been nothing but a pleasure to work with.

When my future husband said he wanted a Harpist, I couldn’t believe our luck that you were local! When you were willing to risk such a forward booking, we knew you were the one for us. Thank goodness a pandemic didn’t stop us, what a blessing!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, we couldn’t have wished for more xxx

Love and light from Mr and Mrs Davies



Dear Hayley

A word of thanks to you for helping to make our inaugural Hastings Street 12 days till Christmas event a great success.

There was a large crowd turnout each day and it was a joy to see so many smiling faces and a wonderful atmosphere of ‘sharing’ on the Street.

You were a favoured attraction throughout the course of the event and created your own special magic within each performance.

We have received positive feedback across a broad spectrum of the Community commenting on the multiple street entertainment offerings and the high caliber of artistry and musicianship.

Equally you were a ‘joy’ to work with and I thank you personally for being so adaptable and flexible in accommodating amended program schedules at very short notice.

On behalf of the Hastings Street Association may I thank you and Gary for your valued contribution/s both professionally and artistically and I look forward to our next collaborative association.

Best wishes,
Ian Mackellar
Hastings Street
12 days till Christmas

Hi Hayley

We can’t thank you enough on how perfect the songs and timing were. Brad and I could not have wished for a more magical touch . . .
. . . It was such a memorable day and you have definitely made the difference, we couldn’t be happier that we chose you to play at our wedding ceremony!
Once again, THANK YOU!
Rebecca, Victoria

Thank you for changing my day. Here’s a testimonial for anywhere: Hayley’s music drifted over Lake Weyba this morning, the harp’s notes weaving between birdsong and playing with the light and the butterflies as I walked along the pathway to the water. Her music offered so much peace and healing at a time when it couldn’t be needed more. Thank you!

Shelley Davido, Queensland

Thank you for the ‘ exquisite extra’ you and your harp provided at our family dinner recently. It was all a surprise for me to celebrate my 70th birthday and I had a wonderful night. Your gentle music provided the perfect background!

Many thanks and I hope we have another occasion to enjoy your beautiful music.

Celia, Noosa

The amazing soothing sounds of Hayley playing the Harp not only calms our home, but heals our bodies. I am blessed to have Hayley play for my very special little boy to give him not only some beautiful music to listen too, but he can feel the healing waves through his little body. This helps him to maintain as much peace as he can. My other children love to dance and make believe as they listen and move to Hayley’s music.
She is truly an inspiration.



I’m an adult with autism, and I have frequent “meltdowns” that can cause me harm if left unchecked. I discovered your music tonight while searching for a way to calm myself down. The sounds were so soothing, so calming, that I instantly became still. I’m sharing with everyone else I know on the spectrum since we all fight the same battles. Thank you so much for your music. Tonight, it saved me. 🙂


Hi Hayley,

I have an 8 year old daughter (Jorja) who is gifted and has trouble switching off her mind at night. She therefore has trouble getting to sleep. Today I bought a copy of Divine Child from my naturopath in Eltham (Keonie Moore) and sent her to bed with it on her i-pod. Five minutes later Jorja was “dead to the world”. I just wanted to say thank you. This is going to mean a great deal to us. Of course my 7 year old wants an i-pod now so she can “take the harp music to bed”!

Michelle, VIC

Thanks so much for making our wedding day so wonderful. You are such a talented Harpist. So many people came up to us and complimented us on our choice of music performer. They loved how you played those beautiful classy songs. It was such a memorable day and you have definitely made the difference, we couldn’t be happier that we chose you to play at our wedding ceremony! Once again, THANK YOU!

Rebecca, VIC

Dear Hayley,

I have been listening to your cd’s for several months now and wanted to let you know how powerful they are. I play ‘Divine Child’ for my 2 yr old daughter every night at bedtime. The music is sweet and relaxing, she calms down and she listens to it, and puts herself to sleep. But something more important is happening. As a long time student of music and meditation, I can feel how the music coaxes a state of profound safety and calm. The vibrations actually invite a gentle, deep meditative rest. I don’t know how you’ve done it, but you’ve created a CD that can lead us into a wonderful state of peace. Thank You. I have used the Inviting Grace CD both in my clinical practice and in the healing classes I teach around the world. This CD instantly creates a sense of movement and ease. People settle into their bodies and bring their focus inside where it can do the most good. The music is like a bath in soothing and inspiring tones. Thank you for the love you have put into your music. Hayley, your music is a great gift. Keep it up! I’m grateful to you every time I hear it. With Love, Michael”

Michael Trembath, Samvahan Vibrational Therapist, Bondi, SYD

Hi Hayley,

We can’t thank you enough on how perfect the songs and timing were. Brad and I could not have wished for a more magical touch. Our guests were delighted and gave us so much praise about the beautiful music. You are blessed with a wonderful talent and I am honoured to have the lovely memories in the best day of my life…So far (Still Children to come..) A special thank you for learning the song for us at such short notice and your attention to detail. Your performance was flawless and playing back the video, I still get teary as I am walking down the isle.”

Justine, VIC

Divine Child Review by Conscious Living Magazine

Delicate and dainty, the soothing sounds of the Harp are used to bring the gentle essences of Peace and Tranquillity to the soul. Specifically created to soothe the newborn, children and parents, this work uses sound therapy with the most gentle of touches. ‘Butterfly’ is used to set the scene of peace and tranquillity and as the music progresses the use of tinkling chimes, combined with the stroking of the Harp invite you into the deeper melodies experienced in ‘Lotus Lullaby’. Let your mind flow free, your soul absorb the sound and your spirit relax into the presence of now, using the ethereal sounds of the Harp, Native American Flute and chimes.

Conscious Living Magazine

Divine Child Review by Rachel Watts, Barefoot Magazine, VIC

Everything about this CD is beautiful and inviting; the cover, the eco-packaging and, of course, the music. The Harp, Native American Flute and faery chimes are played in such a way so as to soothe and calm infants and children, but really, this is a CD for everyone. Hayley’s compositions have a magical quality to them. My favourite track is titled Angel Dreaming. It is long enough (nearly 12 minutes) to get happily lost in. This CD is certainly gorgeous for children but would also be perfect for Yoga, meditation, or for calming a whole household between 5 and 7pm (which is how I’ve been using it!)

Rachel Watts, Barefoot Magazine, VIC

Hayley ☺️☺️🙏😍
So wonderful meeting you! You’re amazing! Thank you so much for having me and teaching me to play 😍🙏 I am on the hunt already!!
Will update you how I go!
Thank you again for your wonderful energy and being so welcoming and kind.

Hayley dear, heartfelt thank you 💗 for this amazing healing! I cannot even compare this to any other healing I have had before. I had a lot of sensation on so many levels….my leg and  my skull were vibrating and releasing all that had to leave my body. Felt a very intense sensation coming from the harp as well as the Tibetan bowl…

Emese, Noosa