“Music is the language of the spirit it opens the secret of life bringing peace…” – K.Gibran

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“Music is the language of the spirit it opens the secret of life bringing peace…” – Kahlil Gabran

– Performance –

Hayley finds great joy in offering her music in any requested context. She will gladly converse with you about your inspirations and hopes to serve you in creating a most memorable occasion.

Hayley’s unique harp brings a magical presence to the setting of any large scale or intimate event. Deep full resonance and lightly woven melodies will fill the majestic space of a cathedral, a grand ballroom, or a humming restaurant; it will dance across garden lawns, sing with the waves of the seaside, and peacefully play by a tranquil lake.

In all imaginable settings, Hayley Erin and her Harp are at home and will delight, uplift and soothe the souls off all guests.
Hayley’s repertoire is largely her own original Harpistry. Her music is inspired by the mysteries of life and nature, that which will soften the heart and bring smiles to one’s lips.

In amongst her repertoire are also flavours of jazz, classical, popular and folk influences.

In essence, Hayley can arrange and accommodate any requests of favourite pieces to be performed.

Hayley also offers Sunshine Coasts very own harp and guitar duo WhipBird to be your lively entertainment. Partnered with guitarist Gary Ward, the duo brings another wonderful musical experience to your event. See below for more about WhipBird.

Today amazed an bewildered, I have shut the door on thought and turned to music. There are 100  ways to kneel and pray at the alter of the beloved.”

– Rumi

– Ceremonies –

Hayley and her Harp can provide the soft and sensitive atmosphere to carry a ceremony with grace. She has extensive experience in playing for gatherings including births, naming days, momentous birthdays, graduations, marriage, festivities & berevement.

“Music is the language of the spirit it opens the secret of life bringing peace…….”

– Kahlil Gabran

– Events –

Hayley and her harp have entertained a vast array of audiences at corporate events such as, product launches, industry exhibitions and gallery openings.  Treat your guests with the inspiring and uplifiting energy of Hayley and the harp at your special event today!

Her most notable venues include:

Customs House, Brisbane
Hastings St, Noosa
Noosa Valley Manor, Doonan.
Resident harpist at Hotel Sofitel on Collins St
Resident harpist RACV Healesville
Parliament House Victoria
National Gallery Victoria
Melbourne Club Collins St
Crown Palladium

Werribee Mansion
Melbourne Exhibition Centre
Como National Trust House & Garden
Numerous reputable wineries of the Yarra Valley & Mornington Peninsular
Royal Botanical Gardens
Ripponlea National Trust
Park Hyatt
Langham Hotel

– Weddings –

From traditional formal wedding settings to upbeat and quirky celebrations, Hayley considers it a gift to play at your wedding. 
The versatility of the harp means Hayley can play indoors or outdoors, acoustic or amplified bringing a unique kind of beauty to your special day.

Every wedding is a unique and meaningful ceremony, Hayley is very happy to thoughtfully accommodate the musical requests to complete your special day. 

“If music be thy food of love, then play on!” – W. Shakespeare

– Whipbird –

When the rich sounds and sensitivity of the acoustic harp and guitar are lovingly blended the result is a marriage of rhythms & harmonies flowing in charismatic song.

Renowned Harpist, Hayley Erin, brings a full energetic presence, whilst the Guitar performed by Gary Ward is the backbone bringing decades of wisdom & opportunity to each song.

Aptly named ‘WhipBird’, the iconic Australian bird whose soothing song is not only rhythmic & melodic but actually a call & response performed by the male & female in perfect synchronicity.

WhipBird is a Two Piece Outfit ready to being the wonders of music to your event.

“Close your eyes and let the magic of WhipBird elevate your spirit as this Divine Duo mix and fuse a delicious blend of musical genres that will see you tapping your feet and beaming ear to ear. To listen to WhipBird is to be touched by the wonder, awe and mystical power of music when it comes from a humble and surrendered heart.” – A. Good, Noosa

About Gary

Mature musician and Electric Bass player Gary Ward has arrived playing guitar in WhipBird, after a lifetime between the experimental and the road well travelled . . . flamboyance & folk, funk & fashion, post modern & post funk . . . never far from innovation & creation Gary finds this duo exhilarating and demanding and ultimately transformative.

The depth of feeling and soaring artistry bought into his realm by harpist Hayley Erin’s presence, completes his circle and quest for the rhythm of life.