WhipBird Harp & Guitar Duo

When the rich sounds and sensitivity of the acoustic harp and guitar are lovingly blended the result is a marriage of rhythms & harmonies flowing in charismatic song.

Renowned Harpist, Hayley Erin, brings a full energetic presence, whilst the Guitar performed by Gary Ward is the backbone bringing decades of wisdom & opportunity to each song.

Aptly named ‘WhipBird’, the iconic Australian bird whose soothing song is not only rhythmic & melodic but actually a call & response performed by the male & female in perfect synchronicity.

WhipBird is a Two Piece Outfit ready to being the wonders of music to your event.

About Gary

Mature musician and Electric Bass player Gary Ward has arrived playing guitar in WhipBird, after a lifetime between the experimental and the road well travelled . . . flamboyance & folk, funk & fashion, post modern & post funk . . . never far from innovation & creation Gary finds this duo exhilarating and demanding and ultimately transformative.

The depth of feeling and soaring artistry bought into his realm by harpist Hayley Erin’s presence, completes his circle and quest for the rhythm of life.

Listen to a sample of WhipBird

Close your eyes and let the magic of WhipBird elevate your spirit as this Divine Duo mix and fuse a delicious blend of musical genres that will see you tapping your feet and beaming ear to ear. To listen to WhipBird is to be touched by the wonder, awe and mystical power of  music when it comes from a humble and surrendered heart.

Contact Hayley to discuss having WhipBird play at your event.

Listen to more live recording samples of WhipBird