‘Samvahan’ means ‘the vehicle of balance/the way of delivering balance’ and views the body and our environment as vibration, interacting with vibration, thus during a Samvahan session we use our hands and music on the body to sense & invite the natural movement of vibration to create a state of release, balance and healing in the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical body, & therefor allowing the opportunity to bring change and balance into our life.

Samvahan is a profoundly grounding, harmonising and soothing experience.

Feel welcome to contact Hayley to enquire about Samvahan or the opportunity to attend deeply relaxing guided Musical Meditations in the Doonan/Verriedale area.

‘The universe is nothing but rhythm, the body is nothing but rhythm. The job of a healer is to bring your rhythms into harmony with the natural rhythms of the universe’ Dr. Ram K. Bhosle

The Samvahan Lineage (left – Michael Trembath)

What others have to say about Samvahan:

Hello Hayley, the sweetness which resides in me after our session together is such a delight & perhaps a more defined picture of what grace feels like in its true essence. The space you hold & share is unique & so deeply nourishing on all levels of the being. You have a wonderful gift to share with the world as what you offer is the nourishment we all need right now to feel whole, connected & in our heart space. Endless gratitude & I look forward to coming again for deeper connection & release & spaciousness. Thank You. All my blessings.

L of Doonan

Hayley creates the most beautiful calm healing space-her gift of combining Samvahan and playing the harp is truly magical….it has been many days since our session and if I stop and just be and think of the harp I can still feel the melody through my body! So powerful!And I’m happy to share that for over a year I have struggled with lower back/hip issues and in our session I could feel my right hip release as Hayley just sat with this hip for some time. Since then I haven’t been woken in the night with pain or woken in the morning with hip pain for the first time in over a year- so very grateful for this healing.

A of Cooran